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Greetings and salutations!

So, to put it shortly... I've noticed that none of my journals satisfy me.
So let's try and write one that does.

I've noticed lately that I've started drawing comics of these Pon&Zi inspired figures. :D It's not meant to be a rip-off or anything, I just feel that when I'm drawing a digital comic the stickmen I usually put on paper make it look kinda rough. Plus, if I need to give them specific accessories or characteristics, that sort of diminishes the purpose of it being a stickman. Maybe in the end I'll figure out how to add my own little twist to it to make it more original.

I also made pancakes today. They turned out kinda well ^-^

Tomorrow will be a breathtaking day... In a bad way. I hope I don't suffocate or pee myself in front of all the other people. *sigh* Please do your important work on time. Please, I beg of you. Don't leave everything to the last moment like me. You might want to leave them for later so you can do fun things now, but, if you think about it, if you do them now, you'll have the same amount of time to spend on other things, it'll just be on another day as good as this one. (Unless there's something that won't happen that day. But do your work right after!) Otherwise you might get in big trouble. .__.

So, that's a short rant on how things have been going.
I hope everyone's Valentine's day was nice and enjoyable~
Remember, you don't always need to be in a relationship to enjoy it~

Bai bai~

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Nemiflora's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, I'm Nemi;
welcome to my DA page! ^-^

Here I sometimes post pictures. :D Why only sometimes? Because lazy. :] Why only pictures? Because I don't write as much as I take them, and because I'm a little unsure about my writing in many ways, that, plus the fact that it might get stolen. As for drawings, well, those are pictures of my drawings, right? ^-^

I love photography, and not so much as an exquisite art that needs to be explored, unraveled and mastered, as the sheer joy you get from capturing a beautiful, amusing, strange, unique or thuoght-provoking moment and sharing it with others. Imo, you don't need to be a professional to find or bring happiness, or just satisfy a necessity by operating a camera.

I also enjoy drawing. Nothing too serious or complicated, and not too often, either, as I've never had serious practice (such as attending an art school or taking private lessons) nor do I have big plans for it, but it's fun seeing how movements, friction and materials all collide to create something beautiful, especially if one can do it themselves, don't you think?

Another thing that I do, as mentioned above, is writing. Sometimes poems, sometimes stories, mostly songs - whatever comes to mind. I've also had dozens of ideas for novels, but, the problem is, writing down large amounts of text takes a lot of time, effort, devotion and creativity, and the amounts of the first three aren't too excessive when it comes to me, as you possibly might have guessed from the previous two paragraphs. I can get involved in something, but if I don't feel like I'm progressing fast enough, which, a part of the time, comes from showing my work to others, I'm likely to abandon it. I've tried pushing myself to write when I didn't feel like it... about twice, but that didn't turn out well in any way - I was bored, focusing required a lot of energy, in the end it took twice the time it should have and the chapters came out plain, dry and unexciting. That's when I promised myself never to push it again, unless absolutely necessary. Songs and poems are a different thing, though - they're short and fun to think up.

Should I mention that I sing, too? Although that's kind of unrelated.

So that's about it for a brief explanation. :)
Have a nice day and thanks for checking me out! ^-^

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